Çanakkale-Lapseki-Umurbey-Kepez-Pergola-Kumkale-İntepe-Provincial Special Administration, Solid Waste Management Association (ÇAKAB) Çanakkale province in the region within the borders of the District Çanakkale, Lapseki County, Umurbey, Kepez, Pergola, Kumkale, İntepe town to a municipality and the 7 municipalities with a combination of Çanakkale Province Private Administration was established. Association establishment, the date 13/12/2004 and approved by Cabinet Decision No. 2004/8226 and the decision in the Official Gazette dated 22.12.2004 published 25678th day and won the Legal Entity. 
Çanakkale Solid Waste Management Association The purpose of this statute 10.maddesinde we defined in "forming Union of local governments to make their staff but financial or technical facilities due to insufficient alone can not fulfill the storage of garbage, evaluation and disposal infrastructure for their work by making regular regional solid waste disposal facilities for the construction, solid waste disposal for recycling, composting, incineration, proline, and other types of gasification plant to build, "mücavir areas outside the villages to collect their waste," medical and hazardous waste disposal facilities or for facilities to build all kinds of energy from waste to obtain the necessary facilities to build, repair and operation to make or to do, and this plant continuously runs in the situation to keep wild of storage has created public and environmental health adversely affecting the environment to fix this reason possible to achieve internal and external loans To have this purpose in accordance with any training activities to make, in order to realize their objectives is to build business, with the aim to carry out activities related companies to set up or established companies to become partners, requires unity of purpose and unity of commercial activities fall within jurisdiction if the business activity to make "truck. Union of Municipalities and the creator of the solid waste problem in rural areas and with the awareness that the conduct of a regional project are targeted to the Special Provincial Administration of the Union in 2006, participated. 
ÇAKAB'ın duties within the scope of conducts "Çanakkale Regional Solid Waste Management Project", the European Union in the process of harmonization of Environment and Forestry Ministry of Labor and carried out by the EU funded "Turkey in the Field of Environmental Capacity Development Project" component, one of the "High Cost of Environmental Investments planning "under the project title is referenced with 260 projects in Kusadasi in Turkey through project has been chosen as examples of solid waste is one of 2 projects. Planners on the mutual Envest project 26/08/2004 A memorandum of understanding signed with the officially started. 
ÇAKAB, Regional Solid Waste Management Project will become operational with the tourist and historical texture of our city pollution, visual pollution, historical tissue contamination risk by eliminating the 7 municipalities and mücavir in the area of the village consisting of field environmental compliance, a functional waste management system by setting up will run and the EU norms They are examples of facilities with all City and the Union will be.